Professional Triathlete


The past few weeks , I have focused a lot on what and why I am doing what I am doing . I had a dream last night and it helped me put things in perspective.

Training at a very high level makes one sometimes over asses things and people often forget the true reason why one is doing the sport .Fortunately I am one of the lucky ones who’s love just happens to be a job as well 🙂


The past weeks training here in Wollongong-Australia has been a real treat . Training with guys like Arron Royal , Ryan Bailie and a few other international athletes has been a great experience .


Moving onto coaching one day , I have learnt a great deal from Coach JT “Jamie Turner” the Aussie High performance coach . I am fasinated with different ways of coaching, and I feed of specifics such as duration, intensity , training cycles , watts , intervals and many other sport related jargon .


With many different ways of coaching out there, I am truly in search for the perfect training programme which will bring me and my athletes one day to the next level .

Fitting in training , traveling , assessing the damage to my body is no easy task , and this is one of the main reason why I’m a mainly self coached triathlete . Only you , can truly know how you are feeling and know how much you can still push yourself before you go over the edge .


With that being said, one also needs to have a large amount of dedication and drive to work hard enough to get the certain gains required .

Swimming times here in Wollongong have been at interesting times, and I often need to asses what training shall be done during that day ,in the morning or evening before .

Training with a swim squad is vital in allowing my swim to still progress and to make sure I don’t become a lazy ass in the water .

My favorite session of the day will need to be my evening run, were the sun is setting, everything is still except for the sound of my breathing and the air passing over me , everything just seems to be correct .


With only 6 days left in Wollongong , I still wish to experience a few more great attractions to this small yet scenic town . With the town being set between an escarpment and the ocean, every evening here has had an amazing sunset .


This weekend I shall be going back to my roots , and shall be doing a 10km cross-country fun run in the small town of Camden


I was keen to find a fun event here in NSW , and 2 weekends before ITU WTS San Diego it will be a good to see where my running speed is at .


With Ryan Bailie and Natalie van Corvorden leaving to Florida early this week, I have the feeling again like I’m leaving home in search of more racing 🙂


Shall write a small report on my 10k race this sunday !

Keep in mind , being able to do sport is a gift … SO enjoy it









Comments on: "Coaching , progression and learning ." (2)

  1. Again a masterpiece of writing, man! I think your running is not too bad-just too remember you: YOU became 2nd at the last WCS race. But of course there is allways something to improve. “Push the big dog!”

  2. Training with JT will always be a worthwhile experience. In my books he ranks with the world’s very best. Soak it up Richard!

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