Professional Triathlete


I think this past’s weekend World triathlon series event really put things into perspective for me..

This one will be short and sweet as my time here in the Hyatt Hotel In San Diego will be over in the next 30min..

Racing the World triathlon series has been a huge goal of mine since 2009, and I finally feel like I belong in triathlon after my 3rd place this weekend

  TOTAL        SWIM       BIKE          RUN   

1 Jonathan Brownlee    GBR   01:48:47   00:17:37  00:59:47   00:30:00
2 Sven Riederer    SUI             01:48:52   00:17:55 00:59:31     00:30:03
3 Richard Murray    RSA          01:49:01   00:18:24  00:59:32    00:30:16

Transitions have been removed above ,  for those of you who added the times and didn’t get the totals 😉

Race took place in Mission bay this past saturday at 2:36pm and all guns were blazing in this second World Series event of 2012 ..

The swim a 2x750m lap, 8x5km bike loop and 3×3.33km run loop was no easy course ! Ranked #4 in the line up procedure I had a great pick of starting position , and this set me up for a smooth start.

I was batteling a bit at the end of the swim but managed to come out with the 3rd swim group and headed out!

smashing my pedals on my KTM bike , With a strong cycle bunch we managed to catch the front group on lap 5-6 and the rode together towards the end of the bike leg ..

My legs were not feeling very strong on the bike, and I realized that I would have a hard run! Starting the run in 6th place I soon saw the J,Brownlee started to move to the front and was setting a pace of around 2:40- 2-45/km for the 1st 2km ..

I decided to smash the 1st lap with him, which may or may have not made my race !

One the 1st lap I managed to hold on to the flying Brit, but at the 4km mark he put in a burst and I was not able to go any faster… Even cramping on the middle section of the 2nd lap…

I was hoping to hold on for dear life and do my best to get a top 5, as I realized I had gone out a bit to fast ! With 1 lap to go, I gave it all i had left and managed to stay ahead of Flying Spaniard Mario Mola !

A Podium spot here earned me World Triathlon Series Leader for 2012 ….. SO for the next 2 weeks I will feel AMAZING!

Big shout out to al my support , Tweeterz , Facebook people and Family and friends ! You Guys are truly the best, and Im blessed to have had such a good race and time in San Deigo!

Also to y Host Family Bryan Diaz and JENN!!! You guys opened up your house, fridge and many other things to accomodate me while I was staying in San Deigo ! You Guys are really somthing special 🙂

HAve to go, being evicted from my Room 😉

AND of COURSE …… Champagne showers !

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