Professional Triathlete

Germany for Spain

This season has been a wild roller coaster indeed . Travel even more so.

With the idea of going to Witten-Germany for the whole summer, and using it as a base for training and racing , things soon started to fall apart just days before San Diego World Series .

Recently things started to go my way again, when I got news that my flat in Witten would be ready to use in 3 days time . Packing and planning was then made in the attempt to move to a solid base where things could be daily and progressive in training  ” A must for any type of training”

Not having a training team/ manager,  makes life rather difficult, and my skills in this department are nonexistent !

The bad news just kept of flowing in, when I was told that the flat will actually be another 1- 2weeks minimum until completion .

Sick, tired and rather frustrated, I decided  to take matters into my own hands, and to stop being a sheep. I mailed Triathlon Australia High Performance Coach  Jamie Turner , to see if I could join the Aussies in Vitoria-Spain .

Organizing and planning was soon the topic at hand, and I have finally put power back into my hands .. With the Olympics some 50days away, I need to  be somewhere where people 1:speak English , 2: have a structured training programme  , 3: are dedicated and pro/Full time triathletes  and finally travel to some of the events I may be taking part in .

Although the traveling here over the past 3 weeks has been interesting and another learning experience in its own , I need to settle my ass down and train .

Currently on antibiotics and doing anything that will keep my head from spinning, I also hope to get over my cold/flu/post nasel drip and get back on the horse 🙂

We live, we learn and thats what life is all about !

Over and out

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