Professional Triathlete

With a weeks training behind me, and the realization of a super sprint race in a days time , myself and 3 Aussies headed towards Toulouse-France .

Not knowing how my body would feel, and the 2 by 1 by 2 format in the team relay race, things looked to be interesting indeed !

Arrival on friday evening at 6:30pm at Hotel La Belle Historie things seems to be going smoothly until I was told in very bad english that my team was now not staying at the Hotel .

With thanks to my Garmin I managed to type in the wrong directions and do a 5km ride with all my luggage .Arrival then at the 2nd Hotel was now also the wrong hotel, as there are 3 Hotel Ballandis in Toulouse .

A Taxi was called, and some 25euro later, I arrived Β very close to the Aeroporto hotel Ballandis πŸ™‚

News from team manager “Patrick Sanches” that his rental car had been driven into and the hotel not being booked things seemed to all be flowing smoothly for the Team super sprint on the 16th June.

Rooming with Argentinian triathlete Luciano Taccone was good company for the 12 or so hours spent there. With a 11hour sleep, we headed to a french continental breakfast and then we moved back to the other hotel with was situated closer to the race venue .


Clarke Ellis arriving at 11:30 am , and our whole team assembled by 12, things were all set for a quick and hopefully top 5 finish πŸ™‚

Just after 3pm, we all departed from hotel La belle Historie after a pasta and salad lunch .

The team Super sprint relay was not as simple as I expected, as we needed to race 2people, then one person then 2 people . The 1st group needed to stay together, and hand over to the 2nd individual who then passed onto the last 2 people .

I was heading out last, and near the finish/ last run I was able to go all out as the last leg we didn’t need to stay together as a team across the line !

We all did a short 400m swim – 10km bike and flat out 2km run .

With the temperature in the mid thirties and a mild brease blowing, the 1st group headed out for their +-30min race .

Our team Mulhouse Olympique Triathlon was having a good showing in the opening rounds of the super sprint, and I was battling to calm down watching the others thrashing them selves out there in the heat .


Tomy Dogahm was our 2nd leg of the race, and manage to time trail up to the front pack which really gave us hope and the possibility of ending top 5 for the day .

Myself and spanish athlete Francesc Godoy were the last leg, and I realized that when we started we needed to catch up on the swim and bike leg for me to have any hope at a top 5 position !

I can state, that the 400m swim was a “balls to the walls” type of swim, and I managed to hang on for dear life to Fran’s feet πŸ™‚

On the bike Frans needed to do a bit more work that I did so my legs would be fresh’ish for the fun !

We lost some time on the bike, as people were playing around , but I knew a top 5 would still be achievable .

Off the bike and I put the hammer down, but the legs really didn’t have much in them .. After a bout of sickness and only a weeks training, it was kind of expected …


Mulhouse moved up in the over all GP, and are now 6th overall out of 15 teams which is a move up from 7th after a 5th position in Toulouse .

Next event will be in Paris france for the team..

Ill be racing Kitzbuehel World triathlon series this weekend coming, and then will get some more hard miles in before my 1st Bundesliga race in Dusseldorf on the 8th July .

Hope everyone in RSA, the world is having a wonderful weekend, Just smashed out a 16km run with some speed work in it, and now heading out to try and catch my 1st fish πŸ™‚ !!!


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