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With a hard event in Toulouse , I was planning on having a solid sunday-monday and tuesday the week leading into Kitzbuehel World Tri Series .

A great speed session with Aaron Royle at the lake just above Vitoria-Gasteiz set me up for a great week of training and taper before my event in Kitzbuehel .

The race in Toulouse-France didn’t really go as planned, although my team had a good showing, It felt as though I was completley flat and struggled through the last 2.5km run .

Coming out of a 10day spell of sickness, I should have been more wise to the fact that I would not be firing on all cylinders …. Never the less, I needed to prove it to myself the hard way…. once, again.

With a nice drive back to my home , Vitoria-Gasteiz , I had a great bout of training sunday-monday and tuesday!

With my 1st delayed and cancelled flight ever on wednesday evening, thanks to Lufthansa along with the 65Euro bike fee, we luckily received a flight the following morning at 7:50am to Munich-Germany .

A short drive back home and then an early flight and bus trip to Kitzbuehel-Austria , things seemed to be going to plan. The usual unpack bike, walk around half-naked, and manage to cover every surface in the room with clothes was done, and then I headed out for an easy cruise through the Alpine mountains 🙂

Thursday race briefing was soon on the agenda and I had a nice interview with ,Barrie Shepley , President of Personal Best Health & Performance Inc .

A small hail storm hit us near the end of briefing which gave a few athletes something else to talk about, other than “Brownlee Killer” Lucas Verbicas ….

During the interview, I realized how fortunate I am to have such backing and support behind me. As a triathlete, traveling alone mainly, it is really a challenge to do things . Getting onto the start list is already a achievement in its own at times. Another thought was how my performance may be on the weekend , and in my mind I was sure that I would have a good one!

News that Theo Blignaut and a few other RSA athletes were coming to support me, I really did need to have a good showing 😉

Saturday came, and with a terrible sleep along side the main road once again… I headed out for a morning jog .

Kitzbuehel Austria must be the most stunning place on earth …. I mean look at it !

 With the odd, WOW that is breathtaking, breakfast and sleep done , I was ready for the race.

It was rather warm, yet everything went to plan leading up to the race . With the course a 1500m 2 lap swim, 43.5km bike and 10km run it looked like a hard race with the best in the World in the event …

A good start saw me smooth till the 1st bouy in the front group … around the bouy’s and  we headed for land again. I lost some time on the way back and was 28sec down, but in my mind not out of the race at all with some BIG names in front of me heading out for the 2nd lap of the swim!

Half way mark I realized that our pack of swimmers slowed down, and we had lost the feet in front and some 30 meter gap had opened ….. OOOOpz.

I was now 58sec back after the 2nd lap of the swim, and my stroke was going to pieces the last 300meters towards the pontoon. I think about 100meters from the bank I realized that I was feeling very week and was struggling .

Out of the water about 50th , I was in trouble . I managed to have one of the fastest transitions but this saw me have a gap of about 50 meters to the riders in front of me, with Mario Mola the last in that group.

As soon as I started to push the pedals of my KTM I realized that there was something wrong with my body. Feeling like I had raced the day before I put my head down, and tried my best to keep my cool until my legs warmed up a bit .

Up the hill and I was in the RED !!!

I dont take it likely when I get dropped by a bunch …. unless they happen to be a bunch of seasoned Pro’s or Vets 😉 But today I managed to get dropped twice and I saw this as a sign to pull the pin for the day .

With a huge dent to my confidence I wheeled into transition and sat next to Brad  Kahlefeldt who also pulled the pin that day . It seems as though I will need to be a bit more wise about race plan scheduling after a bout of sickness and no training for a while .The virus that I had may still be in my system and Im going to need to lay low for the next few weeks and try to rebuild myself for the games .

Things are not how I wanted them to turn out this month , and the races have not gone well…. Never the less, I only have one direction to move….. and that Is upwards !

With the games lingering closer and closer every day , I realize that I will not be 100% ready , but screw it !!! Im going to do my best 🙂

Thanks again for all the support, in the good times and the bad times .


Comments on: "Hard month of June … & Kitzbuehel – AUT" (1)

  1. Bernard said:

    Thanks for the update. All the best for the build up, and hope the engine room return to normal. I was very sad to see the DNF, feeling for you. Keep the SA flag flying high. You are an inspiration.

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