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Lead up to London – 7 August at 11:30am

Sweat ,blood and tears…. at times ..has been my past 3 weeks since the start of July.

After my slight hickup race in Austria the end of last month, I have been to have some blood tests done, and it confirmed that there was some type of virus in my system . I took a few very easy days after Kitzbuehel and needed to get my mind out of the past and look forwarding to the future – Hamburg World Tri series and the London Olympic Games on the 7th august .

With the main goal of punishment in the swimming pool and some hard sessions on the track, all I needed to do was put my head down.

With most of the triathletes “Aussies” leaving around this period to do races in Paris/France – Tiszaujvaros and some other events, I had some peace and quite for some hard training miles ahead .

Kelvin Batt – 7:58min 3km runner was in Vitoria – Spain for 2 weeks , and we managed to get in a few runs and even a sprint here in there … 100% of which I lost though ..

Having company that wasen’t competition was great and kept me from loosing my mind in the training during the weekends and long runs 🙂

Not being able to do my 1st event for Statwerke Witten “my german club” was a hard decision to make. My plan was to skip the event and have a solid training block.

Currently on a plane to Munich then on to Hamburg , and a slight nerve pull in my left calve from some hard training, I hope that It heals in time for my race this saturday at 18:56pm .

The past few days in Vitoria has had me smiling from ear to ear, with very little wind and 10-34degree’s days , felt like I was back in good old Stellenbosh again 🙂

I’ve been looking forward to racing in Hamburg the whole year , as last season it was my 1st World series event, where I had a shocker to of an race due to sickness..

I think an improvement is in order from last year, and now that quite a few events around the Olympic Games have been changed to sprint distance events , It makes racing that bit more interesting for me .

With the biggest race of my life on the 7th august, just under 3 weeks from now, my real hard work outs have been logges “ Or atleast should be” and I feel like Im currently the fittest I have been in my life!

The last few weeks have been a bit manic, and would not have been possible without help from my parents/managers/ghost-writers , my main sponsors Triathlon South Africa & BSG ..

Will be seeing my parents and head coach Lindsey Parry in Hamburg tonight, and they shall be accompanying me back to Vitoria on monday for a 10day period to help me with logistics , travel and any other things I might need help with me over the final days prep leading up to London .

On the 27th will be jetting off to the Opening ceremony , and will do a bit of a rekkie on the 28th in Hyde park to see what the course looks like for the 7th August .

Shall give a short and sweet report about Hamburg WTS on my flight back to Bilbao on monday, and lets hope that Its a good one !

Thanks again to all my RSA support, Fans and followers !! Your support is very much appreciated 🙂

Over and out



Comments on: "World Tri Series Hamburg and Lead up to London 2012" (3)


    after june ,july seems to have gotten you back on target for the big ones to come , well done sonny boy on the dedication and use of the support systems .
    Holding thumabs and many other things for london and the rest of the year.

  2. We just saw you win in hamburg! AMAZING! Well done dude!

  3. We were the ones shouting woza!

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