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I have come to notice that I have quite a bit of free-time on aeroplanes and it makes sense to share my thoughts, desires and dreams over my time in the sky.

Having a interview with SA’fm while on a train from Stratford (near Olympic Village) to Stansted Airport was quite interesting , mainly due to myself getting excited talking about the games, and also that the intercom kept on intruding .

With the Opening Ceremony taking part at the Olympic stadium last night, this boy had stars in his eyes . The late arrival to Bilbao airport , long bus trip from Heathrow to the Olympic Village, and the fact that Lindsey Parry and myself didn’t know where and when we needed to be , made it an interesting afternoon.



Arrival at the village to many friendly and helpful pom’s I soon met a few Saffa’s and officials. With 2 flights of stairs to my room , I hope I don’t end up looking like a track cyclist before my race on the 7th.

22:03 was the time we needed to assemble down at the RSA office . With around 40 people representing RSA in the march past, I was really happy to see and hear africans again πŸ™‚

Knowing that the walk would be around 1-2km and standing for about 3 hours, im very glad I didn’t run yesterday, and had an ice bath at lunchtime in Vitoria.


The β€œGees” from the South African team was quite something, and even signing a few autographs was fun just before we entered the stadium !



Walking into that stadium…. it is really hard to explain how proud I felt, and the emotion on the other athletes faces . With a massive stadium, and the 1st real live show I have been part of, the word surreal does come into effect.


Seeing and hearing the amount of effort and money put into making the opening ceremony possible will make many jaws drop.


With our feet going numb and our eyes amazed at what was happening, the torch bearer entered the stadium after an spectacular hand over from David Beckam on a speed boat.


Not knowing what was about to happen with the touch was quite exciting, and I think I can say for everyone that the huge rings lifted and the torch feading lillies into a colossal firebull was just out of this world.


Seeing some of the biggest names in sport taking part in the opening ceremony shows that no matter how big you are, and how much you have achieved , the Olympic games is all about the coming together of nations !


With the ceremony coming to an end at around 00:45 , we headed back to the Village where Gillian Sanders and myself hit up the food court for a mid-night piece of pizza πŸ˜‰


Back to Vitoria now for 4-5days of focus, thoughts and final speed preperations before I move into the Olympic Village for real on the eve of the 2/08/12 .


The travel and sore feet have been worthwhile over the past 24hours, and I truly am fortunate to have my talents and good health to allow me to do triathlon.


Time to focus, as the big day lingers closer each day.


Thanks again for reading my blog, and to everyone who believes in me and my chances at an Olympic medal come the 7th August at 11:30am










Comments on: "Opening Games , and final prep." (7)

  1. Im getting nervous for you! Will be in Hyde park for the race. Can’t say how proud we are all of you. Talent and dedication shows what can be achieved. Now go bring a medal home πŸ™‚

  2. Michael Theunissen said:

    Hi Richard – Seems like you are enjoying the magic but have your feet firmly on the ground. We believe in you and you have the talent, the hunger and the desire to take Gold! You have peaked at the right time but don’t make the mistake of TeamGB cyclists who took gold as a given – Go.For.It. !

  3. Clemens said:

    Hi Richard.

    Well written and very inspiring. A real inside report from the stadium and the whole atmosphere/feelings for that very special event.

    Keep focused but refer to rule #6: free your mind and your legs (arms…) will follow.

    Lemgo is keeping the fingers crossed!


  4. Great post Richard! It was great spotting you in the SA team watching the opening ceremony on TV… we can’t wait for your race! Go for it!

  5. Hi Richard, even though We’re English, we’ll be rooting for you on Tuesday! Have a great race, the whole of Durbanville will be cheering you on. Adrian & family.

  6. Lydia Bencic said:

    hey richard,
    wish u all the best for the race! iΒ΄m so proud that i did some great training sessions with u at the ALZ last year! keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow, give everything πŸ™‚

  7. Have a brilliant race today!! Will be watching!!

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