Professional Triathlete

Hannover Bundesliga and rest of season .

With my 1st Bundesliga race in Hannover this past weekend and only 3 more weeks left in Europe I find it hard to believe that I have been in Spain for around 3 months .

This past weekend , Ryan Bailie and myself set out from Bilbao for Dusseldorf Weeze north west Germany .

The decision to use my team bike , allowed me to travel bicycle free which was one of the reasons why we chose to fly Ryan air .

With a great travel to and from the aeropurto “Airport in Spanish” we were setteled in a day and a bit in Witten before the 200km drive from Witten to Hannover .

Racing for Stadtwerke Team Witten has been the plan for this season and it really is a good team environment and Richard Gutt the team manager is a honorable man.

With my health deteriorating during my stay Witten due to my glands becoming irritated from the flight and drive, I knew I would not be 100% ready for the sunday’s race.

Some light speed work in the pool and in my puma Faas350 the body was as ready as could be ! Stayin in one of the oldest hotels in germany “some 600 years to be exact” it was quite cool to see the town of Hannover which is filled with huge churches, monuments and parks .

At 10:30am on sunday team Witten headed for the start line ,going through the normal per race warm up of a morning jog, bike ride with some intervals and then a dry land swim warm up due to the 20.4degree non wetsuit swim .

A 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run …. all flat and fast it was quite the event . 360productions doing the media on the day and we even had our own photographer .

The decision to start on the left from team mate Christopher Hettich was one that really paid off as 3 out of our 5 man team made the front pack , which I was happy to be apart of .

Ryan Bailie “my bitch for the day” did well to help me out with a few extra turns on the bike and I knew that we needed to stay away from the likes of Steffan Justus and Johnothan Zipf which where closing in on us .

Our bunch was around 10 strong and only really started to work together half way through the race so at around km10 .

With our bunch of 10 rolling nicely we saw the gap widen to the chase group now to around 30seconds which was enough for me to pull off a top performance on the day .

Rolling in the front pack out of the swim was really a big achievement for me, even though the best on the world weren’t there !

Not knowing how the legs would feel at the start of the run, I hit the transition just behind Christian Prochnow and left in 2nd place behind 17year old team mate from Witten “ d “

The 1st 2km I put the hammer down and noticed that I had a fair lead over Chistian and Gergor Buchals .

With around 2.5km to go I knew that all I needed to do was keep them at bay and the win would be mine for the day 🙂 Steffan Justus was closing in quite quickley and managed to pull up to 4th overall .

The overall placing for out team was

Richard Murray – 1

Ryan Bailie – 6

Sebastian Rank – 7

Jonas Schomburg – 9

Chris Hettich – 13

Once again was a super visit to Germany, and next season I plan to do around 3-4 events in the Bundesliga as the team, places and country is a great place to race in 🙂

I now have a week and a half in Vitoria Spain with the Aussies , then will be heading to Nice for the French GP final also sprint distance .
Ill go from Nice to Santiago de Compostella where ill spend a week with a good friend , Anton Ruanova before jetting of to Yokohamma for the 2nd last event in the World Triathlon Series on the 30th September .

So for now its time to get in a good block of training till the 25th before I head to the East .

Living, Racing and loving ….. Could not be happier !

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