Professional Triathlete

This blog was written end of december …. so there may be a “Few” incorrect statements 😉


The DTC experience with thanks to Redbull.


Has been quite some time since I have blogged , and I realize this is due to my break and some time away from “Work” . A rest was really needed after this season !


The past 2 months since my last race have been quite spectacular and I have really enjoyed my break after Auckland .


Started to get back into training on the 1st of December and things have been up and down for the start of my base . This is both good and bad , as I have lernt a few things in the process.


This past week, I was lucky enough to join Ryan Sandes “ Ultra trail runner” Ryan Payne and Lawrence van Lingeren to a week in Austria with thanks to Redbull international . This past week I was at the DTC “ Diagnostics and Training centre” in Thalgau where quite a bit of abuse took place .


The trip was to see where I am in my training and to see where I can improve , and lets say there is definatley space for improvement !


After this spell of testing I’ll be back in “the Ville” Durbanville and will be hitting out a few miles before X-mas and new years . Next year promices to be a year of even more growth , a few out of the ordinary races and should be a spectacular year .


I also have my 1st coach Joel Filliol and will be working closely with him in order to get my performance up to the next level . There should always be another step in an athletes floor .


At the start of my career as a triathlete I knew it would take 3-4years to get my swim down , and I believe with the guidence + advice from Paul newsome “swim smooth” , Neil Mcpherson and Joel I’ll be able to make the next step in my swimming .


Redbull is another amazing company who is helping me in my career and I am truly a lucky athlete .


So for now , its the good old festive season with fam and friends 🙂


Hope everyone stays safe over the holidays, and is ready for an amazing 2013 .





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